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Flourish Conference Rise & Shine

November 16th - 17th

Algonquin Commons Theatre

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Julie Davidson

Your Host

Hello Beautiful,

I am so grateful for you and for the Sisterhood that is rising up all across this great nation. It is a company of everyday, ordinary women who want to make a difference in their world. It is a movement of women who are magnificently obsessed with building the house of God. I am all about the local church and the incredible women who are rising up within it.

I believe we have been entrusted to make known a magnificent truth to the world around us: that there is a God in heaven who loves them and a company of women that believe in them.

This conference was born out of a desire to refresh and empower you to love and influence your world. Every single one of us has a unique sphere of influence: whether it be in our family, friendships, workplace or community.

I would be so honoured to have the opportunity to host you and the women in your world at Flourish Conference 2018!

My hope and expectation is that you would flourish in every area of your life.

Our best days are truly ahead of us,

Love you so, xx

Julie Davidson

special guest,

Pastor Andi

Andi Andrew

Liberty Church NYC

Lead pastor of Liberty Church NYC, Author of “SHE IS FREE”

Andi, along with her husband Paul, is the lead pastor of Liberty Church NYC. She is passionate about seeing people rise up and step into their God-given identity. Currently, Andi & Paul live in Brooklyn with their four children, and frequently travel around the world to speak. Andi has recently released her first book, She is Free and is currently writing her second.

+ More Guests to Be
Announced Soon

My Church Dawna

Flourish is a company of everyday, ordinary women who want to make a difference in their world.


“ of the biggest reasons why we have decided to bring them on the journey of serving God and staying planted in the church. They love it because we love it.”

Flourish Conference exists to champion the feminine expression within the local church. It is designed to refresh and empower you to love and lead within your sphere of in uence. We would love for you to meet six incredible women & read their beautiful stories of how they are ourishing in their lives.

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For Moms


Parenting Room - Moms with Small Babies

Our parenting room allows you and your baby to enjoy the conference via a live video feed in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. You will find refreshments, a changing area, and other amenities for you and your child. A volunteer will ensure you are comfortable and assist you as needed.

Kids Conference - Age 3 - Grade 4

We have a fantastic program prepared by the myKids team for your kids during conference. They will experience a conference of their own that will inspire their little hearts to follow God while making new friends along the way.

Youth Lounge - Grades 9- 12

We will have a special Youth Lounge in the foyer designed specially for students in Jr. High & High School. They will join in on the main sessions and can head to the lounge during foyer & free time.

What to Expect

Arrival - A volunteer in a red myKids shirt will greet you and your family and guide you to the myKids sign-in area in the foyer. Please mention any allergies, medical conditions, and special needs at this time. e volunteer will give you a security sticker with a unique code that matches your child’s name tag. Please keep it with you for pick-up and urgent situations. If you have a baby, a vol- unteer will welcome you and guide you to the parenting room when needed.

During Service - While you are enjoying the conference, your kids will be having fun in their very own kids’ conference program designed just for them! In the case that your child needs you during service, the number on your security sticker will appear on the main screen.

Pick Up - Following the sessions, make your way to the myKids room to sign your child out of their program.

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